Does the program cost anything?
No, the Live Donor Champion program is entirely free. Please contact your transplant center for information regarding costs for parking. 

Will this affect my treatment at my transplant center?
Absolutely not! Your care will be identical whether or not you participate in this program. The goal of Live Donor Champion is to help you find a living donor so you may receive a transplant more quickly.

Who are the instructors?
Live Donor Champion classes are taught by trained transplant staff.

Are there sessions available in Spanish?
Yes! Sessions at Northwestern University are available in Spanish.

I am interested in starting Live Donor Champion at our center. How may we do this?
We are happy to provide guidance and materials. Please contact Pam Duquette at LiveDonorChampion@jhu.edu.

The ultimate goal of LDC is to provide patients and champions enough information about live donation to find a live donor.