Many transplant candidates are hesitant to engage others in conversation about their disease and living donation. Friends and family are often eager to help and may not be able to serve as donors themselves, but can provide instrumental support. A Live Donor Champion is a friend family or community member who serves as an advocate for a patient in their journey to find a living donor.

YOU can be a Live Donor Champion!

I chose to help my brother, Joe, find a kidney donor. I spoke to members of our church and community and was able to connect him with a wonderful person who  knew  him but never knew the extent of  his suffering. After learning more about living donation, she agreed to be his kidney donor. We are all most grateful.

We did not know what to do, my mother was so sick and was too embarrassed to talk to others about her struggles. I learned how to bring up the conversation about live donation with people we know and we are working on finding a donor for her.